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Nº 1.- Moisés ALMOSNINO, Crónica de los Reyes Otomanos, Barcelona, 1998. XVI, 324 pgs., illust., (21 x 14). ISBN 84-605-7588-8. Price 20€.

There is only one manuscript of the Crónica de los Reyes Otomanos by rabbi Moses Almosnino (1518-1580), now in the Ambrosiana Library of Milan (Italy).

This work, which remained unpublished until now, has been linked with Extremos y Grandezas de Constantinopla by Iacob Cansino, published in Madrid in 1638 and dedicated to the Conde-Duque de Olivares. In fact, Cansino's work is only a partial printing of the Crónica de los Reyes Otomanos.

This peculiar Sephardic rabbi was born into an eminent Aragonese family. After his grandparents were condemned to death in the Inquisition, the family moved to Salonica, where his father, and Moses himself, had important roles in the Catalan community. Almosnino was witness to crucial historical events which he reports in this work, now translated into Latin characters. It offers to historians a new perspective on the history of the Ottoman Empire in the middle of the 16th Century, under the rule of Selim the First, Suleyman the Magnificent and Selim the Second.

This work is also very essential for the study of the Sephardic language because it is the only original work created and written in the 16th Century.

Review by Dra. Ana Riaño López in the magazine Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: PDF version

Review by Dra. Pila Romeu Ferré in the magazine Raíces, Madrid, n° 38 (1999): PDF version