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Nº 2.- Pilar ROMEU, Leyendas del rey Salomón, Barcelona, 1999. 134 pgs., illustr., (21,7 x 15,7). ISBN 84-930570-0-2. Price 30€.

For the first time, the most important legends of King Solomon, written in Judeo-Spanish, are gathered and offered to readers. This monograph comprises twenty-one legends taken from two fundamental 19th Century Sephardic texts: the Meam loez and Sipure Maasiyot.

Each legend is illustrated through a vignette related to its theme. It is a lovely edition for bibliophiles, printed on magnificent pink paper.

Review by Dra. Ana Riaño López in the magazine Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: PDF version