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Nº 3.- Pilar ROMEU, Las llaves del Meam loez: Edición crítica, concordada y analítica de los índices del Meam loez de la Torá, Barcelona, 2000. 343 pgs., aprox. 40 illustrations, (17 x 24). ISBN 84-930570-1-0. Only 100 numbered copies. Price 70€.

The Meam loez is a masterpiece of Judeo-Spanish literature. It represents an invaluable document of Sephardic daily life. Initially conceived as a commentary to the Bible, it finally became an extensive anthology of rabbinical knowledge, full of stories of daily life in eastern Sephardic communities.

The present work is an edition of the maftehot or keys of each of the six indexes of the Torah Meam loez, published for the first time in Constantinople (Gen 1730, Ex1 1733, Ex2 1746, Lev 1753, Nm 1764, and Deut 1772). It solves problems found in the indexes: it corrects textual references, errors in entries, and it cites all Biblical and rabbinical sources. It is a concordant edition because it specifies the foliation of the pages of more than thirty different editions. It also includes an analytical index that allows systematic research, making the investigation of the Meam loez's corpus easier for future studies.

This is a definitive and indispensable tool for submerging into the text in its original form, to elaborate comparative studies between different editions of the same volume or assist in other individual and thematic investigations. It can also be read, as the authors suggest, as a compilation of the basic principles of the Torah and the 613 mitzvoth.

The present work is the first to deal with so many different editions of the Meam loez at the same time.

Review by Dra. Ana Riaño López in the magazine Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: PDF version