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Nº 5.- Samuel MORDOH, El Aba. De Salónica a Sefarad, Barcelona, 2003. 330 pgs., illust. (22 x 15). ISBN 84-930570-4-5. Price 30€.

The book is the chronicle of a Sephardic Jewish family from Salonica. Some family members died in the extermination camps. Others escaped miraculously from deportation and fled to Southern Greece. There, sympathizers helped them travel to Turkey. From there, they went to Israel, where they had also to endure great difficulties to survive.

The story is written by the "Aba" Leon Mordoh's oldest son, Samuel, as a family document. It remains a very important work for future generations who want to reconstruct the history of Sephardim during those times.

Review by Monique Heritier in the magazine Kaminando i avlando nº17, Janvier 2016, p. 34-35: PDF version