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Nº 6.- Rosa ASENJO, El Meam loez de Cantar de los Cantares (Šir ha-širim) de Hayim Y. Šakí (Constantinopla, 1899), Barcelona, 2on ed., 2008, 220 pgs., (21 x 14). ISBN 978-84-930570-5-3. Price 28€.

The Meam loez of Cantar de los cantares is the last book of the Meam loez series. This series were first published in the Ottoman Empire of the first half of 18th Century. The authors wanted to explain to the Sephardim the meaning of several books of Tanaj because they did could not read the religious texts in Hebrew.

What is most outstanding about the Meam loez of Cantar de los cantares is its mix of tradition and modernity. It is the most important work of the Rabbi and Hayim Yishac Šakí, a member of the Bet din of Istanbul. Šakí is an intellectual who harmonizes the traditions of his forefathers with the concepts created in his times, such as anti-Semitism. He was a modern intellectual interested in giving readers his own ideas.

Review by Dra. Ana Riaño López in the magazine Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: PDF version