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Nº 7.- Gad NASSI, ed., En tierras ajenas yo me vo murir, Barcelona, 2005. 476 pgs., illust., (17 x 24). ISBN 84-930570-6-1. 250 copies. Price 22€.
Thirty six authors have participated in the most ambitious Judeo-Spanish anthology of memoirs, tales and legends of Sephardic heritage. They represent the variety of the Judeo-Spanish language used by the Sephardic communities of the Mediterranean rim: multiple registers and tonalities that the reader will be able to perceive.

This is a pleasant, varied read, which immediately captivates through its simplicity. The authors want to honor this unique and cosmopolitan language and those who identify themselves as its privileged spokespeople.

Review by Dr. Winfried Busse in the magazine Judenspanisch X nº35 (2006), p. 219: PDF version