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Nº 8.- Isaac PAPO, Viaje en el ocaso de una cultura ibérica. Recuerdos y reflexiones de un médico sefardí, Barcelona, 2006. 369 pgs., illust. (21,5 x 15). ISBN 84-930570-7-X. Price 28€.

Isaac Papo (Milan, 1926-) belongs to a sephardic family coming from Edirne (Adrianópolis).

This book is about his family history from the middle of the 18th Century till the middle of the 20th Century. It is written as he is a spectator of it, not a protagonist, in the sense that he describes what he heard and saw adding some of his thoughts to it and highlighting what seems most relevant to him. He describes -from the bourgeoisie point of view- the transformation of an iberian-oriental culture from its origins to its decadence, paying special attention to the psychological aspects more than history per se. The book is a truly fascinating life journey.

· Review by Dra. Paloma Díaz-Mas in Revista Raíces: PDF version

· Review by Monique Heritier in the magazine Kaminando i avlando nº17, Janvier 2016, p. 35-36: PDF version

· Review by Dr. Winfried Busse in the magazine Judenspanisch X nº35 (2006), p.220: PDF version

· Review (in French) by Jean Carasso in La Lettre Sépharade nº57 (2007), p. 7-8: PDF version

· Review (in English) by Jean Carasso in La Lettre Sépharade nº 28 (2007), p. 5-6 [Trad. Rosine Nussenblatt]
: PDF version