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Nº 13.- Moisés HASSON, Morada de mis antepasados. Una historia sefardí: De Monastir a Temuco, Barcelona, 2009. Presentation by Ricardo Djaen. 140 pgs. (15 x 21 cm.). Illustr. ISBN 978-84-935671-2-5. Price 20€.

Moisés Hasson (Temuco, 1959) comes from the first Sephardim who left their families in Monastir (today Bitola, in Macedonia) at the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century, to emigrate to Chile and "start again".

In Macedonia, the ottoman domination prevailed till the end of the 19th Century, and Sephardic Jews communities multiplied widely among the Ottoman Empire. Between 1880 y 1912, the Slavonic Macedonia was disputed between Bulgaria and Serbia, finally being under the Serbian sovereignty in 1912. Lastly, after the First World War, Yugoslavia was born. In this tumultuous region, life was not easy, especially for Jews as they were considered as "second class" citizens. Then, Chile (and concretely Temuco) become the new dreamland of Sephardic Jews youth, where it settled and kept its ancestral traditions. On the 11th march of 1943, the Monastir Jews were deported to Treblinka, but their soul still beats in Chile.

The crossing from the Old to the New world and the rise of a new society in the New world is what this book is about, through the family history, in a typical Jewish memory duty: Zajor! (Deuteronomio / Devarim 25.17).

Interview to the author Moisés Hasson in Radio Sefarad: audio

Review by Dra. Pilar Romeu Ferré in the magazine Raíces, Madrid, nº 80 (2009): PDF version