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Nº 14.- Pilar ROMEU, Ramo de sus raíces florecerá. Cuatro leyendas judías de temática polémica en lengua sefardí, Barcelona, 2009. 76 pgs. (11 x 17 cm.). ISBN 978-84-935671-3-2. Price 15€.

Pilar Romeu Ferré has edited the Sefer Ma'aseh rab, published in Judeo-Spanish in Constantinople in 1766, by the publishing house of the brothers Reuben and Nissim Ashkenazi.

The 18th Century is the golden age of Sephardic literature, caused in part, by the success of Ashkenazi publishing industry. It was initiated by Yonah ben Ya'acob, followed by his sons Reuben and Nissim, and his grandsons, Shemuel and Menahem. This little book brings together four independent legends which share a common theme: the polemic with other religions. The heroes are (1) Moshe ben Nahman, (2) Abraham ibn Ezra, (3) Suleyman the Magnificent and his personal doctor Moshe Hamon and (4) Elijah the Prophet. Each one, thanks to his faith and his magical capacity to invoke the Highest, is able to deliver believers from the claws of his cruel punishers.

In these pages the reader can see similarities with issues in modern life: intransigent attitudes that come from ignorance and encourage fanaticism and intolerance.

Interview to Dra. Pilar Romeu Ferré in Radio Sefarad: audio