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Nº 16.- Pilar ROMEU, Agua tibia, media vida. El Séfer refuot o Libro de medicamentos (Salónica, ca. 1855), Barcelona, Tirocinio, 2010. 153 pgs. (11 x 17 cm). ISBN 978-84-935671-5-6. Price 15€.

Pilar Romeu Ferré has edited the Séfer refuot, published in Judeo-Spanish in Salonica (ca. 1855). The author's and publisher's name are unknown.

The small book includes a series of medical prescriptions as well as some segulot, or remedies. It is one of the first books, perhaps the first of its kind in Judeo-Spanish, which has been preserved.

The present critical edition aims to contribute to the diffusion of Sephardic medical literature and pharmacopeias written in Judeo-Spanish, which remain relatively unknown, and to deepen the history of medical research and analysis based on the examination of the text itself, its content, transmission, and diffusion.

Interview to Dra. Pilar Romeu Ferré in Radio Sefarad: audio