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Nº 17.- Purificación ALBARRAL, Quen se cura, dura. El Libro de higién de Alḅert Šaúl (Constantinopla, 1922), Barcelona, Tirocinio, 2010. 154 pgs. (11 x 17 cm). ISBN 978-84-935671-6-3. Price 15€.

Purificación Albarral has edited the Libro de hiģién written by doctor Alḅert Šaúl, published in Judeo-Spanish in Constantinople in 1922, by the publishers of El Ĵuguetón newspaper. Šaúl was Diplomat of the Pasteur Bacteriological Institute (Paris).

This is an informative work which describes in clear, organized language, the contagious maladies known at that time.

The work is a good example of the process of modernization of the Sephardic world that began at the end of 19th Century.