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Nº 19.- Pilar ROMEU, Yehudá Alcalay y su obra La paz de Jerusalén (Ofen, 1840). En los orígenes del sionismo y en lengua sefardí. Barcelona, Tirocinio, 2011. 374 pgs. (24 x 17 cm). ISBN 978-84-935671-8-7. Only 100 numbered copies. Price 70€.

In this monograph, Pilar Romeu Ferré edits the first pre-Zionist work of Jewish literature: The peace of Jerusalem (La paz de Jerusalén/Šelom Yerušaláyim), published in Ofen [Buda], in 1840.

Its author, Yehuda Alcalay, the Sephardic Rabbi born in Sarajevo in 1798, is considered, together with the Ashkenazi Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874), one of the precursors of Zionism, the Jewish self-determination movement which started in the last decades of the 19th Century.

Šelom Yerušaláyim is a philosophical essay that uses Kabbalah methods to prove that in the year 5600 of creation (1840, according to the common calendar) would be the year of the redemption of Jewish people and the arrival of the promised Messiah. The objective of this critical edition is to render it accessible to the readers in its original language. While the Kalischer work is known worldwide, Alcalay's work has been unknown for decades, although in 1944 it was translated into Hebrew. This is the first attempt to publish Šelom Yerušaláyim in its full magnitude and in its original language: Judeo-Spanish.

Interview to Dra. Pilar Romeu Ferré in Radio Sefarad: audio