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Nº 25.- Solly LEVY, El segundo Libro de Selomó (De Tánger a Montreal). Prologue by Paloma Díaz-Mas. 258 pgs. (22 x 16 cm). ISBN 978-84-940083-4-4. Price 25€. Language: Haketía. Prologue in Spanish.

This is the second part of Solly Levy's autobiography, from his emigration from Tangiers to Canada in 1968 until the present. For many years, Solly has defended the Jewish-Spanish culture of Morocco and the haketia, its particular language, in which he wrote this humorous work.

Solly studied in the Lycée Régnault of Tangiers and earned an M.A. in Hispanic Studies. He is the founder and director of Coral Kinor (1969-1981); hazán in the Laval Synagogue Or Sefarad; founder of Gerineldo (1981), a team which researches and interprets traditional Sephardic music; the founder and theater director of the Laval Cultural Jewish Center (Montréal). In addition, he has written several books, directed a "One-Man-Show", Solyloquios, which has toured all over the world, and starred in the film A Sephardic Journey, Solly Lévy... From Morocco to Montréal (2000) and Les Juifs de Québec: une histoire à raconter (2008).

He has received many awards, including ones from the Canadian Association of Hispanists, and the Jewish Cultural Center in Montréal. He collaborates with Radio Sefarad (Spain), and lives in Toronto.

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Interview to the author Solly Levy in Radio Sefarad: audio

Review by Prof. Line Amselem in the magazine Kaminando i avlando: nº11 (2014), p. 24-25