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Nº 26.- Paloma DÍAZ-MAS & Teresa MADRID ÁLVAREZ-PIÑER, Cartas sefardíes de Salónica. La Korespondensya (1906). Barcelona: Tirocinio, 2014. 186 pgs. (21 x 14,8 cm). ISBN 978-84-940083-5-1. Price 20€.
Language: Judeo-Spanish. Introduction and Study in Spanish.

Paloma Díaz-Mas is Professor at the Institute of Language, Literature, and Anthropology of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and Teresa Madrid Álvarez-Piñer, with a degree in Hispanic and Arabic Philology and presently working at CSIC, present a compendium of correspondence which was published in Salonica in 1906 to teach the students of Jewish schools how to write letters.

This edition of La korespondensya. Livro de kartas diversas i de komercho constitutes the largest edited epistolary corpus in Judeo-Spanish to date. The letters, while fictionalized, offer a view into Sephardic society at the beginning of 20th century: family, social, gender, and work relationships; the language and formulas of polite behavior; the world of a Mediterranean city that had just begun to industrialize. It also shows how new European education concepts influenced the Oriental Sephardic communities.

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