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Nº 27.- Daniel DE ÁVILA GALLEGO, Diálogo del colorado. Interpretación académica de la escarlatina. Edition, introduction and notes by Pilar Romeu Ferré. Barcelona: Tirocinio, 2014. 304 pgs. (24 x 17 cm). ISBN 978-84-940083-6-8. Price 70€.
Language: Spanish.

Pilar Romeu Ferré has edited and annotated the Diálogo del colorado (Salonica, 1601) by Daniel de Ávila Gallego, a Sephardic doctor of converso origin. Diálogo del colorado is a classical Spanish and Sephardic work. It is quite rare; in fact, there exists only one preserved copy in the Ets Haim Library, in Amsterdam, Holland.

Not very much is known about the author. In the introduction, he says only that he is a Jew, a philosopher and a doctor. He was a student of Juan Bravo and Rodrigo de Soria at the University of Salamanca and was a young doctor living in Salonica when he wrote the Diálogo. He was probably born into a family of conversos of Spanish or Portuguese origin. Later on, he moved to Salonica to live as a Jew.

Diálogo del colorado describes the origin, symptoms and appropriate remedies to what he calls a "new" disease that he always refers to as mal colorado and which Tommasino de' Bianchi, Lancellotti (1503-1554), called male da scarlatina in his Cronaca Modenese. This is the reason for the subtitle: «academic interpretation of scarlet fever». The distinctions between smallpox, measles and scarlet fever were not clearly established until the 16th Century. The Diálogo del colorado is presumably the first monograph devoted entirely to this disease.

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