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Nº 28.- Michael STUDEMUND-HALÉVY (with the collaboration of Gaëlle COLLIN), La boz de Bulgaria. Vol I. Bukyeto de tekstos en lingua sefardí. Livro de lektura para estudyantes: Teatro. Barcelona: Tirocinio, 2014. 214 pgs. (22 x 16 cm). ISBN 978-84-940083-7-5. Price 25€.
Language: Judeo-Spanish.

Michael Studemund-Halévy (Hamadzija, Azerbaiján, 1948), docteur ès-lettres, works at The Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden in Hamburg (Germany). He has written several books and articles about the history, language and literature of Sephardic Jews. In recent years, he has organized the Universidad Sefardita de Enverano in Sofia (Bulgaria), in which numerous students and the general public have participated, showing how interest in Sephardic culture among young people is increasing every year.

With this work, Studemund-Halévy aims to make several Sephardic texts dealing with theatre, which are unknown to many, more accessible to interested students.

A second volume from this author will be a collection of texts on the history, language, literature, folklore and religion of Bulgarian Sephardic Jews.

A third volume will be a compilation of first-hand accounts and interviews of present members of the Sephardic communities in Sofia, Plovdiv, Shumen, Varna, Burgas and Haskovo.

This trilogy will be a pleasure for the lovers of Sephardic culture in Bulgaria in the last 150 years.

· Review by Dra. Mª José Cano Pérez in the magazine Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: PDF version

· Review by Prof. Gérard Nahon in Revue des études juives, 174 (3-4), juillet-décembre 2015, p. 476: PDF version