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Nº 35.- Pilar ROMEU, El Meam loez de Josué. Índices y paratextos. Barcelona: Tirocinio, 2016. 318 pgs. (24 x 17 cm). ISBN: 978-84-942925-4-5. Price 30€.

The present work follows the one initiated by Pilar Romeu about the Meam loez with Las llaves del Meam loez de la Torá (2000).

The volumes from Joshua follow the Bible's commentary initiated by Jacob Juli (1730, 1733) with Genesis (and part of Exodus), and followed by Isaac Magriso, who completed Exodus (1746) and elaborated the commentaries of Leviticus (1753) and Numbers (1764), and Isaac Argueti with the commentaries of Deuteronomy (1772, 1777).

Rahamim Menahem Mitrani followed them with Joshua in two parts (chapters 1-8 and 9-24). Only the editions from Salonica 1851 (First part), and Izmir 1870 (Second part), have indexes.

The present study would attempt to access easily to the text of Meam loez Joshua. That's why at the edition of the indexes are added the several introductions and paratexts in Judeo-Spanish that both volumes include. These texts will permit to understand better the obstacles Mitrani faced in order to see his work published. Nevertheless, the same problems and obstacles we may find traditionally among any kind of Sephardic Literature. Before, in order to find financial support; but afterwards… in order to find buyers (¡).

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