Caminos de leche y miel

Libro: Caminos de leche y miel. Jubilee Volume in Honor of Michael Studemund-Halévy. Barcelona, 2018. 
· Vol. 1: H. DEN BOER, A. MENNY y C.L. WILKE (eds.): History and Culture (414 p.)
· Vol. 2: D.M. BUNIS, I. VUCINA SIMOVIC y C. DEPPNER (eds.): Language and Literature (537 p
Lenguas: Alemán, español, francés e inglés.
Nº37. 24 x 17 cm.  PVP 65€.
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Libro Homenaje a Michael Studemund-Halévy

With these two volumes on Sephardic language, literature, history and culture, we would like to honor Michael Studemund-Halévy on the occasion of his 70th birthday, with Caminos de leche y miel.

Michael Studemund-Halévy has dedicated himself to the research and preservation of the Sephardic heritage from Portugal to Amsterdam, Hamburg and the Balkans to the Caribbean. He studied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Romance and Balkan languages in Bucharest, Lausanne, Lisbon, Perugia and Hamburg. He has published intensively on Judezmo, Jewish languages, Hebrew and Sefardi epigraphy, iconography and history. He is editor, author and co-author of numerous articles and books and a collector of early Judezmo Printing.

With his passion, intellectual curiosity and his persistent efforts to describe and recover the Sephardic heritage legacy, he has made substantial contributions to the field of Sephardic studies, helping to establish it as an area of research in its own right. His warmth, and curiosity for the other have inspired many; significantly, almost all authors of the present volumes refer to Michael Studemund-Halévy’s studies in their contributions. 

Dear Michael – we hope you will be pleased with the volumes and encouraged by them to continue running circles around us with your own contributions to the many fields you have enriched over the years. 

Anyos munchos i buenos!
Muitos anos de saúde e felicidade!

Más información:

Reseña de la Dra. Tania García Arévalo

Reseña de la Dra. Tania García Arévalo en «Meldando i avlando sovre el judezmo: La figura académica de Michael Studemund-Halévy con motivo de su homenaje», en la Revista Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos. Sección Hebreo, vol. 68 (2019), págs. 189-203.


Presentación oficial de Caminos de leche y miel. Jubilee Volume in Honor of Michael Studemund-Halévy en el Instituto Cervantes de Hamburgo, el 29 de Octubre de 2018:


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